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A Subscription Marketing Agency for the Digital World

Consumer purchasing patterns continue to shift in real time.

This movement continues to provide smart marketers with the opportunity to build new and profitable models of engaging and retaining customers. The rise of the subscription "crate, box" strategy is front and center in the marketing arsenal.

Is your company equipped to truly maximize this market opportunity..?

Trust us, success is more than just packing product into a 'box" and shipping it to customers. In this highly competitive arena, winning is going to take much more.

With over 15 years of experience in helping top tier clients optimize their subscription marketing strategy to deliver the ROI metrics required to build a profitable business, Fosina has launched a range of services that provide the market best practices, procedures and a full range of components to maximize and/or optimize the overall performance and ROI of "Subscription Box" strategy. Services offered include :

  • Competitive Subscription Box – Vertical Market Strategy Audit
  • Competitive Box Strategy Analysis
  • Box Content/ Packaging and Pricing Analysis
  • Creation of compelling and engaging subscription offer
  • Profitability preview of Box Subscription members – Break Even Analysis
  • Development of “full funnel” target market Media schedule
  • Infrastructure Scalability Analysis based on forecasted membership levels – SWOT analysis
  • Credit Card Purchasing and Customer Services Best Practices review
  • Customer contact Strategy, Development & Execution –Gap Analysis – Recommendation
  • Ongoing competitive market impact analysis
  • ROI Reporting & proactive recommendations focused on refinements of all components within the subscription box initiative.

All of us here at Fosina Marketing are prepared to jump in and help your organization strategize, plan & execute a Subscription Box program that separates you from your competitive set and drives bottom line results. We have the skill, insight, tools and track record of success to work with you immediately to get the job done.

Give us a call at 203-790-0030 or Click Here - "Need Subscription Box Help" and we will be back to you very quickly.


Understanding your product and developing strategies to market it.


Developing custom creative specific to your audience.


Distributing your campaign through the right media channels.


Screening, tracking and delivering quality purchasers to you.


Retargeting potential customers to get the most out of a campaign.

We put return on investment on every dollar we spend

Our Approach is based on transparency and accountability

How do you know our subscription solutions work?

We used them to build our own subscription company:

What we do for our clients...

We can also do for you.

  • Our experience in the industry gives us the know-how to ask the right questions. We work with you to make sure that the final product adds long-term value and ROI for your business.
  • A marketing professional is your point of contact from the beginning to the end of your project. If you want or need to talk technology, our IT team will join the conversation.
  • We will measure and collect data on your campaign's effectiveness, honing in on demographic and comparing clicks to conversions.
  • Targeted advertising offers the ability to reach customizable, narrow market segments to increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

A Full Service Subscription Marketing Agency with Proven Results.

Located in Danbury, Connecticut, Fosina Marketing Group is the leader in subscription commerce solutions for direct-to-consumer brands. Fosina Marketing also specializes in cost-per-acquisition(CPA) marketing with a guarantee of customer quality and lifetime value. Our expertise in digital direct marketing includes media placement, search engine optimization, website design and hosting, fraud protection, email marketing, digital media planning and social media marketing, providing marketing strategies and analysis that produce results.

The Fosina Marketing teams work in tandem with one another--embracing collaboration among account management, strategy, creative, media, and technology. All are informed by real time data that helps foster more creativity and relevance, and ultimately increased ROI.

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