At Fosina Marketing....We are obsessed with driving bottom line, needle moving, results for our customers. Our DNA is much more than acquiring customers...we are focused on customer acquisition, retention and most importantly driving life time customer and program value for our clients.

Real Time Challenges

Consumer purchasing & media consumption patterns are changing in real time. Consumers are making brand decisions based on information from a network of digital venues. Your challenge in maintaining and growing your business rests on your ability to be credible to today's consumer within their digital purchase process. There is no time to waste. The marketplace is highly competitive and crowded. Without decisive action in all elements of your business, you will miss growth opportunities and/or watch your business decline.
Learn More About Fosina's Solutions
Learn More About Fosina's Solutions

Real Time Solutions

At Fosina Marketing, we are obsessed with being students of this hyper-changing marketplace. We devote significant energy to monitoring the real-time changes in consumer behavior and preference in order to help our clients understand the optimal methods, venues and strategies that can be the most cost effective and efficient ways to do much more than "reach prospects and customers". We are committed to leveraging our extensive tool kit and services to develop and deploy strategies that truly engage with consumers and drive them thru the purchasing funnel to your desired transaction. We understand clearly that the ultimate goal for you and your company is building affinity, loyalty and profitable retention of customers.
Fosina's Advanced Technology
Fosina's Advanced Technology
Fosina Marketing Group

Real Time Results

Within the highly competitive arena that you face, there is no time to waste in executing campaigns and initiatives. Market share battles are being won and lost on a daily basis. We are incredibly proud of the work that we continue to do on behalf of our customers to help them win more battles. We work at a "real time" pace. Each campaign, each effort is monitored in real time against specific client directed KPI's to ensure that we are tracking all of our efforts in relation to achieving these goals. We are also keenly focused on monitoring the competitive arena in real time to understand what if any changes need to be implemented in order to remain more than competitive in the battle for the customer. We have reporting platforms that allow our clients to monitor performance in real time along with our teams. We are in a constant state of adjusting and optimizing key components of our client programs to insure the success of our campaigns
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Real Time Insight

We don't see analytics data and reporting as the fodder of more analysis. We monitor the performance of every component of every campaign in an effort to drive actionable insight about each element. Are there changes required in the scope of our media placement strategy? Is the relationship between campaign design and content that needs to be adjusted to build greater audience engagement? Is the quality of the "converted" customer at the level that we need it? What do our retention stats tell us? Do we need to do a better job of nurturing our initial customer interaction and transaction to build stronger affinity and loyalty? It's important to understand that these questions are being asked and reacted to in real time at Fosina Marketing Group. It is this commitment to your business that separates our work from other agencies in our competitive space.
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Fosina Marketing Group


A strong understanding of your product, competition and customer prospect profile helps develop strategy to effectively market on your behalf.


Our focus is to leverage market insight and data to build engaging content and design components that are compelling at every digital touch point.


We are obsessed with crafting a media placement plan that optimizes the reach and engagement level of your campaigns across the omni-channel spectrum


We do all we can to insure that we are delivering the highest quality prospects to your company by deploying a suite of screening & tracking tools and processes


Consumers are utilizing numerous devices and channels in making buy decisions today; our mission is to work towards engagement & conversion, regardless of venue.

We put return on investment on every dollar we spend

Our Approach is based on transparency and accountability

How do you know our subscription solutions work?

We used them to build our own subscription company:

What we do for our clients...

We can also do for you.

  • Our experience in the industry gives us the know-how to ask the right questions. We work with you to make sure that the final product adds long-term value and ROI for your business.
  • A marketing professional is your point of contact from the beginning to the end of your project. If you want or need to talk technology, our IT team will join the conversation.
  • We will measure and collect data on your campaign's effectiveness, honing in on demographic and comparing clicks to conversions.
  • Targeted advertising offers the ability to reach customizable, narrow market segments to increase the effectiveness of your campaign.