• Marketing

The right program. The right offer. The right price.

To sell a product you have to know both the product and the customer, and that’s the focus of the Fosina marketing team.

Our team develops your marketing strategy starting with your value proposition. We analyze pricing, develop promotional and premium concepts, and determine the best media channels for reaching your audience.

And we make your profit and loss the bottom line to every campaign.

Fosina Marketing Group

Your account manager takes care of your ROI:

  • Campaign planning, execution, fulfillment and analysis
  • Customer retention
  • Product management and P&L focus
  • Marketing spend optimization
  • Search engine optimization

Fosina keeps you a step ahead

  • Social media, big data, digital commerce
  • Data driven marketing, customer targeting
  • Multi-channel customer acquisition strategy
  • Modeling, CRM and search retargeting
  • Subscription commerce
subscription commerce

Fosina Marketing

The Fosina marketing team works in tandem with the creative, technology and media teams to develop the latest solutions to help you navigate today’s media channels and increase your ROI.