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Engineering a better customer

Technology underscores everything we do. Fosina’s expert technology architects custom build all hosting and fulfillment environments for our clients. More importantly, they are the designers of our fraud screening and order verifications systems.

Every order that comes through your campaign is vetted using numerous business rules and real-time data checking, as well as credit card verification.

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Our screening & hosting solutions

  • Online credit card order processing
  • Real-time verification and fraud protection
  • API integration
  • PCI Compliance
  • Custom recurring billing solutions
  • Variant testing and optimization
  • Campaign back-end ROI

Fosina technology services also include:

  • Upsell and bonus options
  • Real-time tracking and analytics
  • Operations and logistics management
  • Customer quality and retention programs
  • Fullfilment and auto replenishment
  • Custom functions to meet your changing requirements
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Fosina Technology

Fosina believes that stopping credit card fraudsters from the get-go is the only cure to avoid costly charge backs.

If needed, Fosina's Technology team can work with your company's IT department to make sure all of the pieces fall into place to avoid unwanted orders, even on tight deadlines.